Day 19 of my Whole 30 cleanse

Hey, hey!

Hi Guys, today is my 19th day doing the Whole 30 program.  How has it been going so far? So much better than when I first did it in March for 3 weeks.


Last time, I was super grouchy, my stomach was in shambles and I was super focused, almost obsessed, with food.


This time around there has been no grouchiness (due to food anyway. LOL), my stomach has been fine and I am not thinking that much about what I can and can’t eat.

I was better prepared this time and my thoughts about food have changed, I noticed. I used to want something yummy and if it wasn’t something I loved, I didn’t want it and wouldn’t eat it.

Now, I don’t care if I love it or not, I want it to be healthy.

What do I mean?

I am not a huge protein lover. I will eat meat and fish, but I don’t crave it or necessarily want it.  In the past, I would never eat meat and veggies for lunch because it wasn’t tasty to me. I would feel unsatisfied if I had that for lunch.

Now, I don’t care If my lunch satisfies me. I want something that is healthy and good for me. My view about food has totally changed for the better.

Last week I worked out with Steve and then I came home to have lunch. I realized I had steamed shrimp and veggies leftover and I had that. Was it a delicious tasting lunch? No, but it was healthy and I felt great eating a clean meal after working out hard.


I truly believe that doing the Whole 30 and detoxing is helping me to not want fattening, processed foods.

Have I had cravings? Yes.  But I treated those cravings like I did when I quit smoking. I know the craving will pass if I ride it out. I really was dying for some ice cream or frozen yogurt last week. I mentioned it to my aunt and she was all about going to get some. But even with a willing partner in crime I decided to ride it out and the craving for something sweet did indeed pass.

Have I cheated at all?

Yep. I went away with Dan last week to our friend’s Inn and she had delicious muffins and an egg in toast that I shouldn’t have eaten. I am not supposed to eat grains on this detox but I decided they were too delicious to pass up and I enjoyed every bite. I have also had coffee with cream when I couldn’t get access to almond or coconut milk.


You know what? It’s ok, I got right back on the horse the next day and I can’t believe that little bit would affect me that much.

I also worked out quite a bit on my vacation. In the past, I would’ve blown it off with the excuse that I am on vacation. Doing the Whole 30 made me not want to miss a workout! I worked out at Steve’s twice last week, hiked and then went to spin class in the same day.  We did some light hiking in Vermont too.

Instead of vacation being challenging it was a great week eating and working out wise. I had a few minor cheats that I chose to eat, but it was all ok.

So, for day 19 I am feeling great. I am not counting down the days when this is over like last time.


I am looking forward to half and half in my coffee again and I am eager to bring back grains but this time around has been a wonderful experience and I am glad I did it again.

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