Murder, mystery and mayhem

I have  always wanted to do a Murder Mystery at an Inn. I have been looking into them for years, actually, but most were just too darn expensive.
When Sue and I decided to go away this March I looked into them again and found a perfect one at the Bernerhof Inn in Glen, NH.


I googled Murder Mystery weekends in New England the and the Bernerhof popped up.

I went under the Packages tab and found that they had 11 dates to choose from.

March 18-19
April 8-9
April 22-23
May 6-7
June 10-12
June 24-26
September 9-10
September 16-18
November 18-19
December 2-3
December 16-17

From the Bernerhof website:

Professionally curated Include-yourself Mystery Weekend for Two Includes:

2 nights deluxe accommodations in our Victorian Inn with amenities individually designed for every room!
Individually custom written Mystery character packets emailed so you can plan your thrilling entrance as your ‘character’
Dessert reception on Friday evening!
Full gourmet country breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings
Both evenings, Great fun in Black Bear Pub exclusively for our mysterious guests!
Candlelight Four Course gourmet Mystery Dinner
“Best Dressed & Funniest” Mystery Awards buffet breakfast on Sunday
package cost is: $499.00 per couple, plus tax, for ALL Rooms, book early and secure the best available!

Holy Smokes, you get your money’s worth for only $250 (not including tax) per person! This is honestly the best deal I have found so far.

Two weeks before our weekend we got an e-mail from Beth, the co-owner of Mystery NH, with three documents attached.
1. Introduction
2. Facts and Events
3. Your character profile

When I called and made reservations, Steve asks how involved you want your part to be. You can have just a small role or a large role and Beth will base your part on your answer.

The Facts include fashion ideas of the time period (ours was 1961) so I went on Amazon and bought a 1960ish.. dress with a pillbox hat, gloves and Sue had a mink stole for us to wear
On Friday night Beth meets with each one of you ( there was 16 of us) and goes over your character and answers any questions you may have.

I was a little apprehensive that I was not going to “do” what I was supposed to and screw up the game but Beth assured me this wouldn’t happen. There are no written lines to memorize, you just sort of improvise as you go along.

Sue and I were excited as we got dressed in our “costumes” and headed downstairs for dinner at 5:30 on Saturday night.

Wow, we were blown away by how amazing everyone looked! The men all looked so dapper and the ladies all lovely in their 1960’s dress.

We sat down for dinner and let the game begin!

Beth had given each of us “code words” to find certain people and I found my people fairly quickly.

Without spoiling the game for people who may do it in the future, we were sent on a chase around the Inn to find clues, figure out friend or foe and to solve the mystery.


Beth, her sister who was assisting and Steve were around the whole time. If they noticed people seemed stuck or not moving forward they would step in to help. Beth did a fabulous job of making sure the game moved along.

The game was hilarious as you are improvising as you are going and yet challenging at times when your clue had been stolen!

All in all the game took us about 4 hours to complete.

The only thing I would suggest is if you have any mobility issues you may want to ask in advance how physical the game is. In our game ( and future ones may be different, I don’t know) we were on our feet for 4 hours and climbing up and down 2 flights of stairs all night. All the ladies had their shoes off by the end of the game. So, if you have any health issues that may be impacted by being on your feet or walking up and down stairs, please inquire first.

We celebrated our success with a group drink and headed to bed victorious.

The next morning we all gathered for breakfast and Steve handed out gift certificates for best dressed, best character….and so on based on votes from each of us the night before.

The game and weekend was a ton of fun. Steve makes a wonderful host and Beth did a fabulous job with the game and keeping it flowing.

I would definitely do it again. Now that I know how it works and I have one under my belt, I think future ones will be even more fun

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