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Day 19 of my Whole 30 cleanse

Hey, hey! Hi Guys, today is my 19th day doing the Whole 30 program.  How has it been going so far? So much better than when I first did it in March for 3 weeks.   Last time, I was … Continue reading

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5 reasons to love avocados

Hey Happy Hump Day!   I have been into eating avocados lately. I used to think I hated the slimy suckers. Then I realized I love guacamole so why do I hate avocados? So, I went to the store and … Continue reading

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Is your spouse making you fat?

Happy Hump Day and National Dog Day! Dan is thin rail and always has been. He lost a lot of weight this winter while he was sick and he desperately needed to gain some weight back. Out came the cheesecake, … Continue reading

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Lose weight with my FREE Food Journal

Hey, It’s almost Friday! Doing your happy dance yet? Twice a week, I send Steve a Food Journal (or I am supposed to).  I write down everything I eat and drink during the course of a day and I send … Continue reading

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Save time, money and aggravation on your food prep for the week

Hey, hey!  I was not going to blog about this today but, for seriously like the 10th time in 2 weeks, I had someone comment on my lunch at work.  In the past I spent too much time on Saturday … Continue reading

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Hey, It’s Thursday! Almost time for the long weekend!   A few weeks back I read an article from Dave at Paleohacks. I really, really like this guy’s newsletter. He is informative and funny. My favorite combination to read. Anyway, … Continue reading

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My perfect workout week

Hey! How was your weekend? Mine was great! Beautiful, summer-like weather here in New England.   Last week I had a great well rounded week for working out. It would be the perfect workout week for me if I could … Continue reading

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