Provincetown fun

 Greeting! I am back from my vacation to Provincetown.

 Although I basically grew up on The Cape I never spent that much time in P—Town. We might go for the day and shop or eat at the Red Inn or The Mews but we never spent a lot of time there.

 We got to Provincetown earlier than we expected. I stopped and visited my Dad first at his new home at The Royal in Harwich port. Wendy and I took him for an ice cream and saw his new digs and then headed on down to the tip of the cape.


We got there around 1:00 but we couldn’t get into our condo yet so we parked and walked around. It was super hot and humid that day so we stopped and got a beer and salad (after we snacked on pizza and fried dough) Guess which one of us got what. Yup, I got the slice and Wendy ate a few bites of the dough before tossing it.




We killed a few hours and then unloaded our car. The condo was awesome!  It was the perfect size for 2 of us and beautifully decorated with all the amenities you could want. As soon as we had our stuff unloaded we took a walk out to the common deck right on the beach and met a great group of ladies also visiting for the week.

 Wendy and I each had a beer relaxing on the chairs on the deck and chatting with our new friends. They were kind enough to take our pictures and get the lovely view.



We went right across the street from the condo to have a quick dinner. We both had wanted fish and chips and little did we know it was all you could eat! The waiter didn’t tell us that until after we scoffed down some bread so we only had one plate- not that we needed anymore!


Wendy and I wandered around a bit and then walked down McMillan’s wharf and checked out the boats and people fishing off the pier. It was a very long day so we headed back to the condo had a beer on the deck and went to bed early. We had an interesting brunch waiting for us the next morning!


More on that tomorrow – with video! You do not want to miss it, trust me.

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2 Responses to Provincetown fun

  1. Kent says:

    Ok… I am not being critical here, but it seems all you had was beer and carbs.. ha ha ha…

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